“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats” Wind in the Willows.

My parents and grandparents farmed the Lewes Brooks along the Ouse and the Downs around Glynde where I grew up;  while I know these areas so well, every season still seems to bring  new and exciting surprises.

I’ve spent years walking, paddling and drawing up in the “Wilderness” on the Ouse, the Brooks and around Glynde, closely observing the seasonal changes. It is these shifts in mood that I try to capture through the play of colour and light. - The stillness of winter, the chaos of spring and the intensity of high summer. More recently I have been painting  the Lakes at Glyndebourne.

I start by making lots of rapid studies either on foot or from  my canoe - (Drift and Draw), which I work up in the studio before moving onto the paintings. I try to keep my work fresh and fluid by having a lot of paintings on the go; it stops me getting too tied up with  one painting. I like the informality of working small, having lots on the go and having to finish each mini collection quickly in order to keep up with the seasons changes.

I am learning to accept my many failures and trying to catch the ones that work before I kill them or bin them. The hardest thing for me as an artist is finding the discipline to let paint dry before re-working and to not push into wet paint which can so quickly kill any sense of light and life.

I went to St Martins School of Art in London where I learned to paint and graduated with a BA hons 2.1  Fine Art degree and then continued at Brighton Art School to do an MA in Fine Art and a PGCE.